We are breathing but not living

I recently had a serendipitous conversation with someone who validated my persistent thought about the true meaning of life.

While my life sidetracked from societal and cultural expectation (which I used to view as a curse, but now see as a blessing — isn’t it funny how life works that way?), I observed my peers fall slaves to institutions of unjust power, where they are making a lot of money but are deeply unhappy, or at the very least, confused. This past year, while the world was on pause, I have contemplated life, and our role in it.

What are we living for? Whether we view ourselves as spiritually aware or not, I think a part of all of us know that over-exerting ourselves until we are completely depleted is not organic, nor sustainable. We are breathing but not living.

We keep living this way because we are solely focused on our immediate survival. We work in jobs that pay for our living expenses but do not satisfy us. Is that a trade-off that’s really worth it?

Personally, the answer is a clear no. Working solely to survive only keeps our body in survival mode. Don’t believe me? Look at the statistics. Now more than ever, society is unhappy and unwell.

It can often take a long time to work through the mental barrier of knowing we deserve better versus actually taking the plunge and working towards giving that to ourselves.

We have years of programming and expectations that cloud our intuition; our innate built-in radar for our heart and soul’s true calling.

We are miraculous beings of spirit with incredible potential. Why do we spend the majority of our limited years serving systems that do not serve us?

It goes beyond us in this moment in time. If we continue to fuel the powers that be, it will inevitably be the expectation for our children, our children’s children, and so forth. We will continue to live in a cycle of unhappiness, and it will be harder and harder to break free from it.

We need to be brave now and trust the niggle. To stop listening to our egoic minds and instead listen to our selfless hearts. We can choose to exert ourselves until we reach the arbitrary “age of retirement” and then be happy, or we can be happy now, and go where we are called to go. When we step into the unknown, the opportunities for potential are endless.

just a spiritual girl living in a digital world